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Repair and Maintenance Management

HMS Property Management Services Ltd offers repair and maintenance management services for property management companies, based in Southampton serving the UK. Call us today for details.
The following provides an outline of the matters you need to be aware of concerning your property. HMS will request such information from you should you wish to engage its services.

  • Full address
  • Age of property and basic construction
  • Number and size of units
  • Number of adjacent blocks
  • Communal services provided
  • Full name and address of freeholder (and/or head lessee)
  • Structure of any freehold company
  • Structure of any management company and its obligations
  • Length of leases
  • Contents of leases (main covenants) or sample lease
  • Non-participating lessees
  • Tenants (i.e. those in occupation without long leases)
  • Structure of your board or association and its officers, and whether they are paid or volunteers
  • Financial year-end
  • Current management arrangements
  • Expected date of HMS appointment
  • Expected length of initial term of appointment
  • Details of or a copy of the existing managing agent's contract
  • Staff employed (if any) and duties
  • Contractors employed and any present contracts in force
  • Current state of day-to-day finances (budgets and actual)
  • Current state of any sinking fund
  • Arrears situation
  • Other known major problems

Details of the Services You May Require

The following provides an outline of the types of services you may require from HMS. This site explains in detail the services that HMS generally provides. The terms of business will capture the agreed services to be provided. HMS can provide all of the services shown below but specific quotations may be required for some of the unusual services.

  • Preparation of a reserve fund plan relating to cyclical maintenance
  • Annual service charge estimation
  • Weekly/monthly payment of wages and other invoices
  • Regular billing and collection of service charges, including management fees
  • Provision of a periodic budget report of income and expenditure and cash flow
  • Annual preparation of draft accounts in anticipation of audit and subsequent liaison with the auditors
  • Preparation and distribution of the notices for the AGM/EGMs
  • Arrears collection management
  • Co-ordination of advice on master buildings insurance and any other appropriate cover(s). (HMS only provides generic insurance information)
  • Attend to routine enquiries from lessees and residents
  • Respond to solicitors' and lessees' enquiries regarding assignments and licences
  • Attendance at general meetings of residents (how frequent, location, timing)
  • Administration of insurance claims (Introduction to an independant intermediary)
  • Preparation of a cyclical maintenance and repair plan
  • Deal with day to day repairs and maintenance promptly and efficiently
  • Preparation of maintenance plans and contracts for plant and machinery
  • Advise on major contract work and the use of specialist professionals and contractors
  • Ensure compliance with the terms of leases and policy agreed with the directors and where necessary, subject to landlord authorisation, instruct solicitors in relation to breaches
  • Formulate a safe and effective strategy within current legislation and in accordance with current best practice
  • Liaise with the company's solicitors
  • Represent the landlord at county court level, arbitration and leasehold valuation tribunals
  • Maintain adequate record-keeping
  • Risk management and health and safety compliance
  • Company secretarial work
  • Prepare job descriptions for employees and specifications for contractors and go to competitive tender
  • Supervise any employees and regular contractors such as cleaners etc on behalf of the employer
  • Ensure appropriate training and compliance with health and safety and employment legislation
  • Advise the Board on residential landlord and tenant procedures, including statute and practice.
  • Advise the Board on a suggested management policy; attend board meetings and be responsible for producing minutes (frequency of board meetings, location, timing)
  • Provide a status report of financial, maintenance and legal matters
  • Ensure the management company is GDPR compliant
  • Report on significant lessee communications
  • Document management procedures and issues
  • Produce a periodic newsletter to residents and other circulars
  • Keep the Board informed of agreed actions.
Our fees

Expected Conduct of a Managing Agent

The following is the conduct you would expect from a reputable managing agent.

  • To agree, in writing, the terms of engagement to manage a client's property, in as detailed a form as is reasonably possible, and to make clear the fee structure and the categories of other services for which additional fees may be charged
  • To manage the client's property in compliance with all the current applicable legislation, terms of leases, contract documentation and good business practice
  • To provide as cost-effective a service as is reasonably possible within the constraints of prudent and planned maintenance and to enquire as to whether contractors preferred or selected by clients or lessees have suitable references and, where contracted to do so, that all final work is checked and signed off before funds are released
  • On request, to provide generic guidance to the client as to the insurance requirements under the lease terms and, where required by the client, to supply an appropriate level of insurance cover, based on an independent valuation, sufficient to meet the client's obligations. (HMS introduces the client to an independant intermediary)
  • To ensure that client's money is kept separate from office accounts at all times and that client accounts can be individually identified. Funds in any one client account will not be used to finance another client's property. Funds shall be held in a recognised bank or building society in a clearly designated client account. (This issue is overcome by HMS policy of ensuring that each client has their own bank account)
  • To maintain a current insurance policy adequately indemnifying the firm against proven professional negligence claims (HMS maintains such cover)
  • To ensure that clients' money is properly and regularly accounted for and that any funds or monies required for specific future works are placed on deposit in an appropriate interest-bearing account to earn interest to the credit of that account. (This issue is overcome by HMS policy of ensuring each client has their own bank account)
  • To keep detailed records of all transactions relating to client's property with all expenditure made from the client's account suitably authorised. (This issue is overcome by HMS methodology of accounting and ensuring that each client has their own bank account)
  • To ensure that annual or other required periodic accounting is carried out promptly, ensuring adequate supporting information is provided or available for inspection
  • To concertedly endeavour, where so required, to provide all the necessary information for the audit of any end-of-period accounts so that the audit can be carried out with the minimum of delay
  • To extend courteous and professional service to lessees and tenants and to members of the public. As far as is possible, to ensure that, in all their dealings, there is no bias and that all are treated equally
  • To maintain adequate records of all leases and tenancies and deal expeditiously with enquiries, particularly where information is required to assist in a sale
  • To be aware, as far as is reasonably possible, of the terms of the leases and tenancies applicable to the property concerned and the effect of legislation and any other relevant documentation, and to deal with lessees and tenants both in the spirit of the legal requirements as well as in the letter of the law
  • To ensure that procedures are in place to deal with repairs within an appropriate time scale having regard to the urgency of the matter and the availability of funds
  • To actively and regularly consult with Residents' Associations and to encourage them to become part of the decision-making process
  • To discuss and consult with residents' associations where major works are contemplated, and to meet to the statutory requirements
  • To respect the views of representative groups of lessees and tenants, even where they are not a formally recognised residents' association
  • To manage the premises by enforcing covenants for the common good, fairly and without favour where so instructed
  • To disclose in writing to relevant parties any existing conflict of interest, or any circumstances which are likely to give rise to a conflict of interest
  • To declare any interest in any contractor or business employed to provide services at the property that may be associated with the managing agent
  • To ensure, where there is a change of managing agent, that all pertinent information is handed over with the minimum of delay to the new agent
  • To place the fullest emphasis on any matter relating to health and safety and environmental legislation, bringing to the urgent attention of landlords and/or residents any areas of concern
  • To use all reasonable efforts, both in the interests of landlords and tenants, to settle disputes by mediating and negotiating with all relevant parties
Property management


It is our intention to provide you with the highest possible level of customer service at all times. However, we recognise that things can go wrong occasionally and if this occurs we are committed to resolving matters promptly and fairly.

Should you wish to complain you may do so:
  • In writing to the Complaints Manager Mr D E Harper
  • By telephone on 023 8066 8685
  • By e-mail at
  • In person by visiting our office subject to making a convenient appointment
Should you not be satisfied with our final response, you may be entitled to refer the matter to the Property Ombudsman Service (TPOS). More information is available on request or on their website,

Further details will be supplied at the time of responding to your complaint. However, complaints to the Property Ombudsman Service should be made via their on-line ‘Make a Complaint’ tool or by email using the email address of A telephone number is also available on 01722 333306 but the Property Ombudsman Service prefer that the on-line tool or the email address is used.

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